Prime minister says cannabis has NO medicinal value, so wait, what about Sativex?

Our government are hypocrites, liars, deceivers whatever word you want to use.

Sativex is a spray made by GW pharmaceutical, they are given a licence here in the UK to grow cannabis, extract all them good bits and then bottle it up, this is designed for Multiple sclerosis sufferers.

So there you have it, a straight up lie, the government won’t do any research on it because they say it has no medical value, but then they bend over backwards for a big pharmacy company (which is pretty much standard these days) allow them to grow weed and turn it into a, …….. Yep a medicine.



cannabis plants on the bay, never? or……

Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to try and flog three cheese plants on ebay, dont believe me, check it out.

some one tries to sell cannabis plants on ebay

And he had the cheek to charge 175 quid without the pots! hahaha

It goes without saying that his auction did not last 18hours and 21 minutes, it lasted more like 10 mins i think.


What exactly is hemp do you ask???

Well hemp and cannabis are pretty much the same thing, the same plant.  The only way they differ is the amount of THC(the thing that gets you baked!) they contain.

Your normal weed you smoke to get high comes from cannabis strains that contain anywhere from 8% – 25% THC

Whereas hemp strains contains around 0.2% THC so im afraid your never going to get high of hemp.

So whats its purpose then???

Well let’s see, have a look at this picture underneath to see just how many different things it can be used for:

Different uses for Hemp

As you can see, this plant doesn’t just get you high, it’s a super plant that’s so diverse, it could change the way we live, for the better.

I will soon be doing a weekly post where i will discuss one of these uses every week in more detail , so stay tuned.


will you die from smoking weed???

Well this is the big Q

So let’s look at some stats from the UK 2010

Tobacco – 81,400

Alcohol – 8,644

Heroin – 487

Cannabis -2 (don’t ask, i have no idea how)

I think this sums up nicely how are drug laws are very wrong, they are there to protect us and yet the drug with the lowest death rate is a class B?

I will also state even though heroin has a lower death rate than alcohol and tobbaco, i do not under any circumstance think it should ever be legalized as that stuff really does destroy lives.

To conclude this post, how about the fact that in 2010, there were more deaths caused by helium (32) than cannabis, ecstasy and methadone put together.

Now what does that tell you???

Does weed ruin your life ???

This is something i hear a lot about and it’s often one of the things you will get said to you if you like the occasional joint or two.

So let’s look at some famous people who smoke or have smoked cannabis and see where they are today.

Sir Richard Branson

English business tycoon worth an estimated 4.2billion dollars, mostly known for his brand virgin, has just accepted the cannabis culture award in Spain last may thanks to the strong pressure he puts on governments to get it legalised.

He admits to smoking it and even admits to smoking a joint with his son, he says he would sell it in shops if it was legal but not with tobacco because that’s actually dangerous.

He also thinks in about 30 years he will be making bio fuels from hemp when are beloved fossil fuels all run out.

But anyway, the main point here is that he is no stranger to smoking cannabis and he still managed to build up a giant business empire, can’t be that bad for you then???

Barack Obama

Some Americans love him, others dislike him but the simple fact is, he has admitted to smoking cannabis regularly in his youth and look where he is today, he is pretty much the most powerful man in the world.

Enough said

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another fine example, he smoked cannabis, enjoyed it and still managed to become a great intelligent actor and businessman therefore building himself an amazing career.

Queen Victoria

I have mentioned her already on my blog but look again, THE BIGGEST EMPIRE ON THE PLANET and yes, she smoked cannabis as well, her doctor in fact, sir Russell Reynolds said when cannabis is pure and administered carefully it is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.

Michael Phelps

This guy sure has won himself a lot of gold medals and although he keeps his smoking on the quiet, he is known to enjoy a Chong every now and then and has been caught smoking a bong like a pro, yet he still manages to be one of the best swimmers in the world.

There are many, many more examples, but there you have it, when someone tells you cannabis kills of your brains cells, you can just laugh in there small minded face and walk off happily down the street knowing that, even though you smoke this amazing herb, you can still amount to something very big, it all about will power!

Introduction post

Hello, first I’m going to start by saying, Hang on, don’t go anywhere just yet, most of you are probably thinking oh no a druggie is trying to tell us all to smoke cannabis.

Well that’s where you’re all wrong, i don’t mean to be rude but if that’s what you thought then yes, you are wrong I’m afraid.

I would however like to justify why i believe it deserves a very good place in everyday society just like alcohol and tobacco and i will show you many examples of how much it is actually used.

Queen Victoria, the once great monarch of the British empire used cannabis regularly for her period pains and also to help with the pains of child birth. Now she managed to run the biggest empire this world has seen whilst getting high so that to me sums up exactly why it is no harm.

Aside from the fact it can cure skin cancer, help fight; epilepsy, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, leukaemia and loads more, it is also used recreationally around the world my millions of people everyday and has been for the past 4000-5000 years.

I think a lot of people are very confused about cannabis and whether its actually good or bad for you, on one hand you get the government telling you that its ‘bad’ for you, but then hang on a sec, why are there hundreds of medical dispensary’s opening all over the US, i agree most patients fake their way into it for recreational use but at least those whose life depend on it are actually getting the medicine they need.

That small fact alone makes me very happy and shows if you keep pushing, eventually the government will give in.